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10 Chrome Extension Every Bloggers Need



10 Chrome Extension Every Bloggers Need

What does a Chrome Extension do?

in this section, we are going to discuss about the 10 Chrome Extension Every Bloggers Need in their blogging journey.

It will be a hardcore and stressful job running a website or blog without using some helpful tools to speed up your work. As a blogger, we tend to work base on time and speed.

This post will be of the tested and useful 10 chrome extensions that will help your blogging career and it will start with a brief explanation to new bloggers who wonder what Chrome extension is.


What is Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extension is a program that changes the functionality, adds new features, and modifies the browser’s existing behaviour according to the extension installed.

1. SEO QUAKE: Seoquake is a free chrome extension plugin that is essential for your site. It consists of several tools you can depend on, the specific Seo area you venture in. e.g. Key SEO metrics, On-page Seo audit, Backlink, Traffic, Keyword difficulty SEOQuack is easy with work.

2. Adblock: Adblock is a life safer Chrome extension millions of people installed on their browser, it helps block several pop up ads that would waste your time unnecessarily, imagine working on something in haste then having different popup ads Everywhere.

3. Grammarly: You noticed most websites don’t have grammatical errors on their web contents and wonder how they do it. Grammarly is the secret Chrome extension that helps you prevent grammatical errors and help edit your web content, making it sound perfect and avoiding embarrassment.

4. Pocket: you will amaze yourself how stress-free pocket extensions make your blogging lifestyle after reading this article. The pocket is an extension that help saves videos and articles for later viewing the page with or without internet access. 

The extension is a real-time saver which automatically syncs your content across all your device. You can access it anywhere from any device like IOS, Andriod, Mac book etc. Pocket is indeed among the favourite chrome extension with more than 15 million users

5. Word Counter Plus: Word counter is a handy chrome extension that provides you with the number of words and characters in a webpage without leaving the site. To use word counter plus, you don’t need to stress yourself like other word count extensions. All you need is to highlight some text on a webpage, then right-click on it and select the word counter plus menu item. It will tell you the number of words and characters chosen and the average and longest word length.


6. Bitly | Powerful Short Links: Long URLs will look clunky and super spacious with pretty much anywhere you see it with so many letters and backlashes and numbers and question marks. Bitly keep URLs clean, look nice, tidy, well friendly and as short as possible.

Bitly chrome extension generates short, customized and easily recognized links from any web page in a single click you share on any social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to avoid the problem of being flagged.

7. Easy Blog Commenting: Easy blog commenting is a time-saving Chrome extension that allows you to write comments quickly. Easy blog commenting extension automatically fills up your name, email, and website URL in the field of any website post comment field. At the same time, write a comment, thus saving a lot of time & improve your productivity. In addition, you can easily set up multiple profiles with this extension.

8. Mozbar: As a blogger, you will have come around MozBar, which is an all-in-one SEO toolbar for research. A product of Moz is a free tool that integrates into the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). The data it provides includes on-page metrics vital to SEO, such as the contents of a web page’s title tag, alt text, meta robot, etc., and insights on the link profit of a Page Authority & Domain Authority.

9. Simple Allow Copy: If you find it difficult to copy some text from a webpage because it is protected, Simple Allow Copy is an excellent browser extension that helps you copy a protected text from any website that protects its content from being Copy.

10. ASIN To Clipboard: ASIN To Clipboard Chrome extension is a tool primarily useful for bloggers who run an amazon affiliate site. ASIN to clipboard helps you copy the ASIN code of the product to the clipboard from Amazon search results or product page with one mouse clip. It’s a productive tool, and it saves you a lot of time when you want to import lists of products from amazon.

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