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Best Android App for Graphic Designer



Best Android App for Graphic Designer


You are welcome to magrawtech the home of technology, in this section, I am going to reveal the best application you can use to design on your smartphone, without using a laptop. You will also be given free graphic design resources at the end of this page.

Before we proceed I will like to open your mind with this piece of information. Did you know few people make thousands of dollars using their smartphone to design graphic, create video for businesses and video animation for advert. If you have a smartphone this is a great opportunity for you to turn your smartphone to workshop were people beg to pay you big money.
Note: make sure you read the content to the end to understand how to use the apps.


There are tons of app that are used for designing graphics on smartphones, but in this section, only a few will be listed.
1. Canva:


image by canva

This is an app that is used for designing a lot of things, with canva you can design with ready-made templates which are free while some are premium. To make use of this wonderful application you must be connected to the internet, immediately you are connected, launch the app and design with a lot of templates prepared for you. You can download the application from play store if you are using android, while iOS users can find it on App Store.
2. Adobe comp:

Best Android App for Graphic Designer

adobe comp

This is a free application that can be used both on Android & iOS, Adobe comp was created by ADOBE company the creator of photoshop software. The app is really good for making fliers and banners, it has a lot of features that will make your design stand out. The app has no premium package, it is free for individuals to use. Android users can download the application from play store while iOS users will find it on App Store.
3. Pics art:

Best Android App for Graphic Designer

picsart img

This app is a wide app that is used for designing graphics. One of the great things this app really does is that it can be used to manipulate images, create cartoons image, create posters, and blend photos. Pics art have both premium and free package, though I suggest you go for the premium package so you could get access to all the tools available for designing. You can download the application both on play store and App Store.
4. Pixel lab:

Best Android App for Graphic Designer

pixel lab logo

This is a very big app also, it is used for creating stunning designs, one of the great things this app does is that it has a lot of features that make some photoshop users prefer using it. It can be used to design flyers, posters, manipulate and do various things. Some of the tools in this application arsenal are; background remover, brush, cleaner, texture, 3D tools and lot more.

Note: pixel lab is not available for ios user. DOWNLOAD PIXEL LAB ON APP STORE
5. Photo pea:



This is a web-based software that is used for designing, you can only access this app and use its tools by signing up, it has various features like that of photoshop, and it is used to design a lot of things.


Free graphic design resources

At the beginning of this article, I promise to give you free graphic design resources for designing stunning designs.

  1. Unsplash: you can download free images for your design on this website.
  2. Flaticon: this is also a big website where you can download icons, it has both free and premium package.
  3. Dafont: you can download font on this website.
  4. Place it: you can do a mock-up for your logos, shirt, product on this website. It has both premium and free package.
  5. Behance: you can get ideas on this website by looking at others designs and modeling to bring out a better result.

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