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Best Online Zombie Games on PS, XBOX, PC 2021




There is feeling we gamers have for games that we can’t wait until we play a new released game. In this content i will be revealing 2021 games, make sure you read to the end

LEFT 4 DEAD The series of games about the zombie apocalypse  from Valve has not lost its relevance in our time,   despite the fact that the last part of  Left 4 Dead was released back in 2009.   In terms of gameplay, this is a  survival shooter in which a squad   of four survivors tries to get out of the  infection zone, firing back at hordes of   zombies, including special monsters  controlled by AI or other players.

7 Days to Die One of the best open-world survival games set in  a zombie apocalypse. The core of the gameplay of   7 Days to Die is non-stop exploration of  the surrounding territories in search of   useful materials and consumables, as well as  crafting and construction.

Here, a dynamic   day-night cycle is implemented, affecting  the behavior of the infected, very realistic   physics of buildings is presented, and the world  itself is randomly generated each new launch.

DayZ The most popular online zombie game on PC,  which has grown into an independent project   from a modification for Arma II. Players will find  more than 230 square kilometers of open area with   forests, fields and villages, represented  by the fictional state of Chernorussia.

At the same time, 60 players can simultaneously  survive on one server – this is not enough for   a full-fledged MMO, but it is quite  enough for a session zombie survival. Killing Floor Brutal online first-person shooter in which  a squad of six players fights off waves of   zombies and mutants, each time becoming more  and more powerful.

The final battle, according   to the tradition of the genre, is an epic  confrontation against one of the local bosses.   Also in the second part there is a Versus Survival  mode, in which users are divided into two teams:   one plays for the survivors, and  the second controls the mutants.

Hunt Showdown A cooperative and competitive shooter from  Crytek, combining elements of horror and   western in its setting and atmosphere. The  player acts as a hunter for all evil spirits,   along with his companion hunting down wild  creatures in an alternative version of Louisiana.

At the same time, up to 4 more of the same  detachments can roam around the district,   ready at any moment to stab a  knife in the back and take away   the trophy they have won with difficulty.

This unusual combination of PvP and PvE,   as well as a dark, tense atmosphere, are perhaps  the main unique features of Hunt Showdown. No More Room in Hell The popular shooter-horror No More Room in  Hell continues the top online zombie games.

Only close teamwork and mutual assistance will  help the players, united in a squad of eight,   withstand the horror of the zombie  apocalypse that has struck the world.   After all, one bite – and the unfortunate man  will leave his comrades, joining the army of   carnivorous dead.

Of the pleasant features:  several modes, a large selection of weapons   and various types of enemies. With all this,  the game is available on Steam for free. Dying Light Co-op game about survival in a  huge city infested with zombies,   which also features an online mode with  asymmetric gameplay.

In it, one of the   players takes on the role of a unique infected  and begins to hunt for unsuspecting survivors. SCUM Client-side multiplayer survival game  styled after a brutal TV show in which   condemned criminals fight zombies and among  themselves on a vast abandoned island.

The island pleases not only with its impressive  size, but also with excellent drawing and a   variety of flora, fauna, relief and objects  placed on it – all thanks to the modernized   version of the Unreal Engine 4.

And the survival  system is distinguished by the presence of a large   number of physical and biological parameters  that are sensitive to external factors and   actions of the player himself. Perhaps, in this regard,   SCUM can be considered one of the most  serious and realistic survival simulators.

Dead Maze An MMO about survival in a world invaded  by zombies. Dead Maze Pros and Features:   Nice hand-drawn graphics, user-friendly  isometric view and free distribution model.   The gameplay is made in accordance with the  standards of the genre: having united in a group,   players must explore the world  in search of weapons, food,   medicine and other useful resources.

There is  also an opportunity to build your own camp with   a house and a vegetable garden, equipping  its territory at your own discretion. Zombie Army A series of cooperative shooters in which a  company of desperate daredevils confront a   whole army of Nazi zombies.

A huge number  of different enemies, intense firefights,   an exciting campaign for a half dozen  missions and an unusual setting – what   else is needed for a fun pastime with  friends who adore zombie apocalypse games! Strange Brigade Another co-op shooter like Left 4 Dead and Zombie  Army, in which a squad of players must stop an   army of mummies led by the sorceress queen Seteka.

Members of the “Strange Brigade” (this is the name   of the local monster hunters) will find exotic  places steeped in the spirit of ancient legends,   various types of undead, curious  puzzles, secrets and powerful artifacts.

Moreover, the game itself has a characteristic  stylization of retro horror and fantasy. Dead Frontier 2 A free multiplayer RPG shooter that invites  players to plunge into the dark world of the   apocalypse, where the army of the dead has  established their rule over the living.

At   the same time, the game is designed for the long  term – missions and environments are constantly   updated, and the abundance of loot and pumped  abilities make it close to traditional MMORPGs.

Project Zomboid A game with endless possibilities,  dedicated to life after the zombie   apocalypse. Create your own unique character  using a sophisticated role-playing system,   choose the right craft,  build and explore a huge map,   and stay away from zombies.

There is also  support for local multiplayer for 4 players.   Of the minuses – a very specific, one might  even say “conditionally schematic” graphics. How to Survive Try to survive alone on an island captured by  a zombie.

Choose one of several characters and   start collecting junk in order to use it  to create a deadly arsenal to eliminate   the ubiquitous bloodthirsty dead. Well,  if doing such things alone is too boring,   call a friend and try to defeat the ghouls with a  joint effort through local or online multiplayer.

Contagion Zombie survival in the spirit of Left 4  Dead: with a dark environment and mindless,   but fun shootings. You can play it alone, but  it will not be half as exciting as with friends.   There are several modes, various  weapons and useful items,   as well as zombies spilling from all sides – a  classic of the genre that will never get bored.

Zombie Panic! Source Free competitive shooter with zombies and  survivors available for download from Steam.   The players are divided into two teams, each of  which has its own weapons and unique abilities,   but the goal is the same for all – to  take out the opposing team in any way.

That being said, in Zombie Panic! Source  presents three different modes, giving the   process of confrontation between the teams of  the living and the dead with some peculiarities. Dead Effect Fantastic first-person shooter  with horror and RPG elements,   which takes place in a space station  filled with mutants and zombies.

In addition to the single-player mode, there  is the possibility of cooperative play. Infestation: The New Z Multiplayer zombie survival in the spirit of DayZ.  We run around the world, collect items, shoot back   from zombies and marauders.

The game does not  represent anything particularly outstanding,   except that it is available completely free  of charge and it contains the Battle Royale,   very beloved by modern players,  as one of the additional modes.

State of Decay 2 An open-world zombie action game  that involves building bases,   recruiting settlers, foraging for  resources, and fighting zombies.   The first part of the series was focused on  a single passage, while in the sequel a co-op   appeared, thanks to which the gameplay of State  of Decay 2 became richer and more interesting.

Plants vs. Zombies A line of multiplayer shooters dedicated to the  eternal confrontation between plants and zombies.   As of 2021, the series has three games, each  of which contains many diverse characters,   a lot of humor, exciting battles and a  beautiful picture of the Frostbite engine.

World War Z Co-op zombie action that will take you  through the largest cities in the world,   where you will face hordes of the walking dead.  The game is characterized by intense gameplay   focused on team interaction, and its list  of modes includes both the usual cooperative   modes in the spirit of Left 4 Dead, as well as  original ones – for example, the PvPvZ mode,   in which your squad has to complete various  tasks, fighting zombies and players – rivals.

Call of Duty The first zombie mode appeared in the Call of Duty  series with the release of the fifth part of the   series, World at War. Since then, battles with  these monsters have often become a pleasure for   fans of the franchise, in addition to the single  player campaign and competitive multiplayer.

Moreover, this is often an adventure  with a rather frivolous mood,   with Hollywood stars in the  lead roles and funny tasks. Dead Island Dead Island is a slightly outdated but still quite  bouncy co-op game in which you’ll explore tropical   islands in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

The  gameplay of the project focuses on melee battles,   so get ready to chop off arms and legs, smash  heads and chop up rotted bodies. And if it’s   very boring to play Dead Island alone, then in  a joint passage this action is fully revealed.

Night of the Dead A survival simulator with base  building and tower defense elements.   In the main role – the victim of a terrible  experiment: locked in a city filled with zombies,   the girl must contact other  survivors, get resources,   build and fortify a shelter, and also make  traps and weapons to destroy the walking dead.

Resident Evil The Resident Evil series, which has dozens  of games on a wide variety of platforms,   has a number of online projects designed for  cooperative play or pitting players in competitive   multiplayer matches.

The former include, for  example, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6 and   Resident Evil: Revelations 2, while the latter  include Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,   Umbrella Corps and Resident Evil Re: Verse, which  is included with the new Resident Evil Village.

SAS: Zombie Assault 4 SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is a top-down shooter  in which players work together to slay hordes   of the undead on a distant planet. They have  access to three character classes, hundreds of   weapons and equipment, unique skills, as well as  challenging levels and uncompromising gameplay.

DESOLATE A cooperative first-person horror game that sends  gamers to a mysterious island full of dangers,   including, of course, zombies (but not limited  to them). The game boasts a large open world,   many secrets, a crafting system,  detailed character customization,   and an impressive atmosphere of travel through  an alienated, eerie and full of mysteries.

Back 4 Blood A game from the Turtle Rock studio that  once created the first Left 4 Dead,   carefully taken up by Valve. Back 4 Blood  essentially repeats the concept of that game,   inviting players to go on co-op  races to destroy hordes of zombies,   fight powerful bosses, and participate  in competitive matches where they get the   opportunity to try on the skin of a monster.

The game will be released in the fall of 2021 The Day Before An open-world MMO dedicated to survival  in the zombie-ridden United States.   The developers promise a bunch of many  gameplay mechanics, including crafting,   inventory management, vehicle management,  combat with melee weapons and firearms,   and much more.

The release date of  the game has not yet been determined. If your favorite game is not included  in this list.

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