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blog niches that make money



blog niches that make money

In this article, we’re going to talk about the Best Blog Niche to make $31,000 every MONTH BLOGGING in 2021. But before we dive in fully I will define the meaning of niche. Let’s, get into it.

So in this article I’m, going to tell you more about my research and I’m going to explain to you the exact niche that is making over $31,000 a month. Also, I’m going to show you exactly how that niche makes that money. All you need to do is to read this content and learn from it.

What is a niche

According to “A niche is a place or position that’s particularly appropriate for someone or something, especially due to being very specific and different from others. Niche often refers to a position or interest that allows someone or something to thrive in a particular environment.”

The best Blog niche that make Money

So the case study and the niche and the website that we’re going to be looking at today, is called 40aprons  this website is run and managed by Lady Cheryl.

Cheryl has been running this website for a little while now and she publishes regular income reports about it. The most recent income report that I could find on her website is from August 2019 and in the same August 2019 she made $31,000. Recently, that I viewed her page views I discovered she have over 20,000 page views and sometimes even over 30,000 page views.


How does cheryl of 40aprons actually makes his money?

Well, luckily, she has written a pretty detailed explanation of her income and most of her revenue actually comes from AD thrive. If you’re, not familiar with AD thrive, adthrive is kind of similar to Google Adsense and mediavine ads.

Her RPM (revenue per thousand impressions),  is almost $ 27 which is really good. So for every thousand visitors that get into her blog on to, she makes approximately $27 and when she get 20,000 – 30,000 to 40,000 page views per day there’s no surprise that she makes almost a thousand dollars A day from ads out of interest.

I’ve, had a look on a dress to analyze this domain, forty and of course everything checks out, but it’s still interesting to see that she’s currently ranking For close to a hundred thousand different keywords and according to ahrefs, she currently gets approximately 200,000visitors per month, but of course she is actually getting a lot more. Take a look at what kind of keywords this website is currently ranking for and be surprise.

This is of course a food blog, so food niche is an excellent niche for anyone to get into, and this is something that literally you know anyone online can start doing.

It doesn’t require any special knowledge, all it requires is food, text and photos as you’re preparing the food and put that information up onto a blog, the way that this works just in case you kind of not familiar with the whole blogging situation?

How people find

People find this website when they type in different things into Google? They click onto the result, and then they look at the information here and after they may see an AD looked at the information then they will click on some ads for example, they might click on an ad if they find it helpful, they might watch video ad, and that is exactly how actually makes his money.

Also Cheryl also make money through sponsored posts. I noticed she has published some sponsored Post.  I would say she probably charge from $100 to maybe $300 per sponsored post, where she links out to somebody else typically or she promotes something.

She also has a coaching group, so $2,500. I’m, assuming that this is probably most likely just one client that she’s taken on, but again it’s, just two and a half thousand out of about thirty and she’s made a little bit of money from other places.

But the interesting thing for me personally is that you can make really good revenue per thousand impressions in the food niche which actually has very very low competition on Google. You can publish recipes on Google and you can get so much traffic for free from Google search.

You can publish content of 300 to 400 to 500 words long and you can rank on page one for a keyword that is getting 4,600 searches per month. That’s how easyit is.

The type of content that you would need to make, to be successful in this niche is nothing complicated, publish a simple recipe. You can see that this website actually has very simple content if you check, no photos of the actual preparation step by step process, it’s just the description of how to cook things. So anyone can start a blog in this niche. There is no secret to creating content it’s super easy and very newbie friendly.


So in conclusion, I recommend to publish long-form content, but of course, sometimes you can publish content of just a thousand words and a half thousand words, or two thousand words. Generally after you’ve, published, upto 10 to 50 articles that might take about one to two months for you to do after doing that, then  in about two to three months you will start seeing first results  if you’re doing everything correctly.

That’s How blogging works, it takes a few months to really get cracking, but before  then you get that free, ongoing traffic coming in to your website and guess what? If you can get a thousand visitors a day, which is not very hard by the way, you can make twenty seven dollars a day, which is a pretty good start, that’s, a thousand dollars a month.

That’s all for this article I really hope you enjoyed it, If you did, I’d really appreciate it. If you can drop me a comment below tell me what you thought of this articlesubscribe to our newsletter as well and allow the push notification to get notification whenever I release a new article.

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