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how to add ads.txt file in wordpress



how to add ads.txt file in wordpress

How to add ads.txt file to WordPress

Welcome to magrawtech the best plug to get information on how to handle things on your blog. Before I proceed I would like to define the meaning of ads.txt.

what is ads.txt?

Ads.txt file is an IAB initiative to improve transparency in programmatic advertising. This ads.txt file is crawlable by exchanges, ssp, and other third-party vendors including buyers which makes it public.

As a webmaster or WordPress user, it is important for you to know how to add an ads.txt file to a website. Actually, this is easy for some people to do but not everyone has the knowledge to figure things out on time.

In this section, we are going to use the ads.txt file plugin developed by 10UPS. Due to my experience, I recommend using this ads.txt plugin for adding your ads.txt files. The main reason why I recommend this plugin is because it is from a trusted party, and it is easy to use for anyone just by following the steps that will be given here.

how to add ads.txt file to your blog.

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and go straight to the plugin section.
what is ads.txt

WordPress plugin page

2. Click the add new button to add a new plugin.

what is ads.txt

Click the add new button to download the new plugin.

3. Search for ads.txt and install it, note if you can find it directly in wordpres, click the link to download it from WordPress ADS.TXT PLUGIN.

4. After installing the plugin activate the plugin then click the setting button on your WordPress.

how to add ads.txt file in wordpress

5.  Click the ads.txt how to add ads.txt file in wordpress

6.  After clicking the ads.txt the page will pop up, then paste the ads.txt file and save

how to add ads.txt file in wordpress

Hurray, you have successfully uploaded your ads.txt file. If this content really satisfies your want kindly comment below.

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