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How to Check your Glo Number in Nigeria



How to check your Glo number in Nigeria

How to check your Glo number in Nigeria

Are you a Glo user? Did you always have a problem knowing your mobile number? Or did you want to learn how to check your phone number without stress? Don’t be troubled! In this publication, I will explain the proven ways to check your Glo number and why you need to know your number.

Why do you need to know your Glo number?

One of the biggest things I think we all should know as businessmen, businesspeople, or students is our phone number. Why? We need to know our phone number because it helps us in some places where we may not be permitted to use phones. So it is essential to know your mobile phone number, especially if you are a businessman or a student.


How to check Glo number

By Calling others 

This is one of the easiest ways to check your Glo number as it is stress-free. You can know your number using this method by calling others people using your phone. All you need to do to successfully know your number is to ask the phone owner to give you his number and dial it. After dialing the number on the Glo sim, you want to know its number; call the number then your Glo number will show up.

how to check your glo number with ussd code

 One of the quickest ways to check your Glo sim number is by using the USSD code. In this method, all you need to do is dial the USSD code and follow the later instructions on the screen menu.

Steps to check using USSD

  1. Firstly, Dial *777# and wait for it to load and display the list.
  2. Reply with 4 (Tariff plan).
  3. Then select 3 to get your Glo phone number.

Immediately you will receive a message containing the number.

You can also dial dial *135*8# to check your Glo number easily.

Another method to know your Glo number is via the assigned number:

Another technique you can use to check your Glo number is dialing 1244 from your phone’s pad and waiting for the voice calls. An appointed receiver from the Glo network will voice out your Glo number.

Texting a friend to know your Glo number: 

This method is quite similar to the first method; the difference is calling and texting. Using this method to know your number will cost you nothing less than N4. You can know your Glo number by sending a message to your friend and copying the sender phone on your friend’s phone after it has been delivered.

Visiting Glo website to check your Glo phone number

You can also check your Glo phone number using the method. All you need is to on your phone data and copy it. 

How to check your Glo number using Glo website?

  1. Ensure you have your smartphone internet-connected.
  2. Switch on your smartphone data.
  3. Open your browser, opera, or chrome.
  4. Enter on the browser.

Your Glo phone number will be displayed at the top right corner of your website.

Call customer care via their official number.

This method is stressful, but you can try it if you seem it will be convenient to use. To know your Glo number, all you need to do to use this method is to dial 200 or 121 to speak with Glo agent. They will surely help out.




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