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How to Increase your Website traffic



How to Increase your Website traffic

How to increase the traffic of your website

Are you tired of publishing content on your website because you are not getting traffic? Or did you even want to quit blogging because you are not getting traffic? Wait don’t lose hope, read this article I made for you to learn how to drastically increase your website traffic and make more sales.

List of what you will learn here.

  1. Publishing content on other people’s blog
  2. Merging post
  3. Updating outdated content
  4. Answering questions on quora
  5. Publish content on social media
  6. Keyword research
  7. Adding share button
  8. Facebook ads
  9. Long content
  10. Forums


  1. Publishing content on others’ blogs: Guest posting has been a great way bloggers and webmasters use to drive a bunch of traffic to their websites. You can gain more traffic using this method by posting your content on other people’s blogs, though this seems hard but it is easy. Don’t be troubled, I will explain how you can get a blog that needs guest posts,
  2. Merging post: A lot of people don’t really know this method some know it but they don’t really make use of this method. What does merging post really mean? Merging a post means taking two or more of your content that is similar together and merging it together to make a single content on a page. Are you scared of losing the little traffic that do come through the one you just merge together? Ooh! Don’t be scared all you need to do after merging the content is to redirect the URL of the one you deleted to the one you want to exist,  submit it to the search engine to index, 100% sure you will see tons of visitors coming to your website, the time they spent on your website will also increase using this method. Merging posts is incredible, make use of it today and gain more traffic coming to your websites.
  3. Updating outdated content: You can not keep ranking with that outdated content with an old image of old-style, try to add more to it. Updating outdated content really leads to more traffic coming to your websites. How can I do this and what is the benefit? You can update the outdated content on your blog by searching for the content you have published in the past 6month or 12month, open and re-edit it, change the images on it add more to the content then submit it to the search engine to index it. This method will really help you, and also make your website rank on the SERP, as google loves new and updated content.
  4. Answering questions on quora: Gosh! You can direct thousands of followers to your website by answering people’s questions and adding your link for them to visit your site and read more. To get more traffic using this method, you need to answer the questionnaire by giving them full details and supporting ideas before adding your link, or else the QUORA admin won’t approve your contribution to the question.
  5. Publish content on social media and adding content to it: You don’t the meaning this right? I will explain this in full detail, some people are fond of dropping links of their website on Facebook without adding little content to make your reader want to get read more, and this is a fucking act. just imagine you see a link about a topic on Facebook or other social media, the content added as a caption at the top will make you ant to read more, if a caption describing the topic of the post is not added is likely you won’t want to click the link. I will drop two images to explain more.
    How to Increase your Website traffic adding content to it

    This is a post with a caption but not describing the message of the content. BAD WAY OF POSTING LINKS. Reader wont be move to click

    How to Increase your Website traffic

    This is the best method, i can see you even wanna read more, don’t worry if you are on seeing this you are reading this page

  6. Adding a share button: This is a great way of getting traffic from social media without you sharing by yourself. It is a must for you to have it on your websites, It can be placed below your content, left or right side of your blog, or fixed at the top. There are some social media share button you can place on your websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and lot more. You can sign up with to enjoy their free and premium package.
  7. Keyword research: Doing keyword research before you post content is really great, you will know the type of topic you want to create, your target audience, the kind of keyword you wanna use, and more. You can start your keyword research with these website tools.
    1. Ahref
    2. Uber Suggest
  8. FACEBOOK ads: This is a great way of advertising your websites by targeting audience, age, nationality, and more. Though it gonna cost you money but it is recommended to use this method for your new content.
  9. Forum: publishing content on forums and referring back to your site is a very good way to get more traffic coming to your website, just that you must not abuse it by just focusing on posting links to your website. Add value first then you will be trusted. How can I add value? you can add value by informing them, educating them, and giving them offer that land them on your website.
  10. Long content: don’t just publish long content, publish long content with a unique and great messages that adds value to the reader. Research has proven that content that starts from 1000 words or more is intended to rank more than little content. It also makes your visitors stay longer and always have it in mind that you will serve them better.

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