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How to migrate to Airtel smart connect



How to migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0

How to migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0

Are you among the people that always complain whenever you see someone enjoying bonuses and free bundles from Airtel because you are not benefitting from it? Or Did you even think you also should be benefiting from this bonus as an old customer? How to migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0

Don’t be stressed up. In this article, you will learn the best-proven way to migrate to airtel smart connect 6.0.

Did you know there is a prepaid plan called Airtel smart connect 6.0?

This plan is available for both new and old sims; though it has the same name as the normal Airtel smart connect, it is different.

About Airtel smart connect

The smart connect 6.0 is a prepaid plan from Airtel; this plan allows users to receive 700% of every recharge starting from N100 and above.

The smart connect bonus offer comes with both voice and data for anyone that switched to this tariff plan.

The benefit of Airtel smart connect 6.0

  1. Airtel smart connect 6.0 tariff plan is available for every sim (old & new).
  2. Call charges are quite different from the normal Airtel smart connect.
  3. With Airtel smart connect 6.0, you can call 5 international countries ( UK, USA, China, Canada, and India) for as low as N33/minutes.
  4. First migration to Airtel smart connect within 30days is free.
  5. You can migrate to Airtel smart connect using USSDor SMS.
  6. Airtel smart connect is stress-free, as it comes with no daily access fee, which means you can make a call anytime without interference.

Charges on Airtel smart connect 6.0

The call charges on smart connect 6.0 are at a cool rate. On smart connect 6.0, you can call from the main account at 26k/second to all networks within Nigeria, while Calls from bonus accounts are charged at 40k/sec.

As mentioned in the benefit list, you can Call up to 5 foreign countries (USA, UK, China, India, and Canada) with Airtel smart connect; the call rate is 55k/ per second, which gives us N33/ per minute and other destinations at zone rate. 

In conclusion, SMS to all networks in Nigeria, including Airtel, is charged at N8/SMS, and International SMS is charged at zone rate.

How to migrate to Airtel smart connect 2.0

  1. As listed above, the first migration within a month is free of charge, but additional migration will cost #100.
  2. To migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0, send SMART to 311 as SMS.
  3. Immediately, you will receive a notification notifying you that you have successfully migrated.
  4. You can also use the USSD code 311 to migrate to this plan.
  5. To confirm if you have fully migrated to Airtel smart connect 6.0, dial *121*3*5#. It will instantly display your tariff plan.




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