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What Is The Meaning Of CF on Instagram?



What Is The Meaning Of CF on Instagram?

We all noticed that Instagram has been doing an awesome job expanding its features along with its filters, Instagram is trying to make it’s appending and useful for both introverts and extroverts. if you would like to change your circle, there is a perfect feature to help you. There is this awesome feature you’ll find interest and fascinating is called CF.

You will get to know more about it as we carry along, keep on reading the content.

There are sometimes we will want to keep something private by sharing it only with our close friends or just close relatives, and
many know how annoying it is to have to dig through your followers and select them to hide stories from them. yeah really annoying and boring right, we have the right feature that will free us from those stress and boredom.


What is the meaning of CF on Instagram?

The meaning of Cf is the word ‘Close Friends’ on Instagram. it is an abbreviation used for a private story setting that gives
you the access to post a separate Instagram story to a selected number of people that are on your close friend’s list.

The Instagram app, Thread was introduced in 2019 to make the new feature more private and interesting to users. the Thread app
is designed for messaging between you and your close friends.

It acts as a separate online messaging service, which makes it easier and stays abreast of what is happenings with your close friends, you can simply set up and create a list of who you want to be on your close friend’s list and also remove them if you didn’t need them anymore.

when someone on your close friend’s lists
messages you, you’ll get the message directly in the Thread app.


How To Add Instagram Close Friends:

  • Go to Instagram App and login in.
  • Then, click on the bottom right corner to open your Instagram profile.
  • Next, click on your username at the top of your profile and select ‘close friends.
  • A screen with ‘Get Started’ will be opened to you. Click on it, and you’ll be directed to a list of suggestions for people that you may want to consider including on your CF list.
  • Choose your closest friends or maybe some people you want to be on the list to have access to your stories and tap ‘Create List’
    Once done with that, you’ll see your current close friends list. if you want to add someone clicks on the top right and type in the name of who you want to add and tap the plus button, if you want to remove someone click the minus button.

Enjoy the new features.

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